The visual exterior of any business is the 'husk'.

We are a boutique branding agency specialising in developing market-leading brands that are not only thoughtful and emotive but beautiful.

Our expertise lie in developing unique visual identities based on strategy and research mixed with passion, ambition and refinement.

Now let's make it chic with a 'q'

Yes - we do branding, create logos etc, but what about websites, social media, packaging, marketing collateral, labels, swing tags, brochures, coffee table books, annual reports, presentations? Well take a look…

Meet our Founder and Creative Director Amber. With 10 years experience in design ranging from print, in-house all the way to agency, Amber is a huge advocate for dreaming big, working smart and delivering brilliance.

We have a few little knick-knacks in the works including prints, fonts and templates available. This section is still under construction but be one of the first to know of our opening below!

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We don’t do the “aw that looks nice” we do “heck yes, that’s what we’re about!”
After our initial briefing, we begin the first step by conducting thorough research into your target market, your competitors and anything else that will elevate your business.
Once our research is complete, we send through concepts based on the brief and any findings we’ve discovered. These concepts I presented via email through PDF proofs.
Once a concept is chosen, we refine and tweak any areas till it’s a truly unique piece suitable for you.
After approval, we send through all of the relevant files in the correct format as needed.
There’s nothing like a face-to-face chat, video call or going the old fashioned way by picking up the phone! Let’s go through your needs and goals to figure out what success looks like for you!
tell us your big idea!