why we do it

We found what ignites us…

Husq Designs was founded on hard work, ambition and an unwavering desire to create.

We found what ignites us and developed tunnel vision to make it accessible to more people…like you! We are a collection of creators where our skill set is utilised to benefit others ranging from start-ups to the corporates and everyone in between.

We offer a seamless service based on strategy, research, coffee and ‘can’t stop staring’ designs. Our results are developed from stories and how to ‘dress’ your business for success.

If you’ve come this far you might as well book a consult with our Creative Director because we’re ready to rock n roll.

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Meet our main Husq’er

Amber Ford

Amber has a unique knack of being able to combine the goals of a business with all the right visuals to elevate it. She consistently sees opportunities to develop, strategise and create progression across multiple industries.

Amber has over 10 years experience in design ranging from humble beginnings as a designer in a print factory, to an in-house for a big corporation then landing herself a lead senior role at an agency.

She is all smiles, endeavours to uncover the true essence of your business and make sure it’s lookin’ like a high-roller in the process.

We’re here to help you ‘dress’ the part.
We would love to get you fitted for success!
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