What we do

Branding and Visual Identities

The visual identity of a company (which is more than just the logo), is often the first thing people think of when a company is mentioned, from the infamous Nike tick to Apple's 'apple'. However, where the exterior or visual identity doesn’t accurately represent a company, it will turn away potential customers. Think of the coconut...hairy, rugged - almost dirty. Yet the inside is nutrient rich, smooth and hydrating. The visuals on the outside and what we experience on the inside are completely different. This was, and is, the inspiration for Husq Designs.

If a company's visual identity doesn’t accurately represent its product to its desired audience, then like the coconut, people may never discover what it offers.

At Husq we work collaboratively with you to meticulously weave your brand narrative into a visual representation and experience. This ensures relevance and engagement with, the audience at every touchpoint to produce an impactful and memorable branding suite.


Packaging Design

In a saturated market, product packaging makes the difference between a purchase and a passer-by. It is essential that packaging merges both the aesthetic and a targeted CTA (Call-to-action) to guarantee product uptake. Proficient in packaging of all forms, with a nod to sustainable solutions, Husq provides complete packaging collateral and a comprehensive creative process to ensure complete understanding of brand objectives and consumer purchase behaviour.


Marketing Collateral

To further amplify your messaging and elevate brand awareness, clever marketing executions supported by strategic marketing collateral is a stealth move in getting your brand seen. Husq Designs works across a large scope of marketing resources from internal support presentations to consumer facing collateral — all created with key brand objectives and consumer needs front of mind.


Web and Digital Design

Husq Designs digital solutions grant brands greater reach, visibility and connection with their consumer. We build user-friendly websites deeply rooted in brand story with a dynamic market presence that are not only aesthetically skewed, but UX and SEO optimised for an enjoyable user journey and successful conversion.